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3D2N Belitung Romantic Escape - Laskar Pelangi

( Belitung ) - East Sumatera - Domestic Destination
Start From :
Rp. 7,500,000,- net/couple
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3D2N Belitung Romantic Escape - Laskar Pelangi

( Belitung ) - East Sumatera - Domestic Destination
Start From :
Rp. 7,500,000,- net/couple

Detail Paket

3D2N Belitung Romantic Escape Laskar Pelangi
Grand Hatika IDR 8.000.000 net/couple
BW Suite Hotel IDR 8.600.000 net/couple
MaxOne Hotel IDR 8.200.000 net/couple
Green Tropical Village IDR 7.500.000 net/couple

Paket sudah termasuk
- Akomodasi Hotel
- Flower Arrangement in Selection Hotel Room
- Transportasi darat PP (BBM+Sopir)
- Trip Pantai Belitung/ Laskar Pelangi
- Island Hopping Trip
- Tur Kota Tanjungpandan
- Mie Rebus Belitung + Es Jeruk Kunci
- Makan Siang 2X
- Makan malam 2x (Inc. 1X Candle Light Dinner)
- Air Mineral 600 ml/2botol/orang/hari
- Boat Tur
- Life Vest (jaket pelampung)
- Snorkle & Masker (alat snorkeling)
- Tiket masuk Objek wisata
- Tiket Naik Mercusuar Pulau Lengkuas
- Donasi Museum kata
- Driver As Guide
- Snack Box tiap hari.
- Perlengkapan P3K
- Master File Foto (DVD Burning)
- Honeymoon Room Set Up malam pertama
- Candle Light Dinner Set up malam pertama
- Entertain Candle Light Dinner (sesuai Hotel)

Detail Paket
Hari Pertama (Laskar Pelangi) [Snack, Lunch, Candle Light Dinner]
- Penjemputan di Bandara Hanandjoeddin kedatangan.
- Menuju Belitung Timur (Free Snack box)
- Explore Pantai Burung Mandi
- Explore Vihara Dewi Kwan Im (optional)
- Menuju Kota Manggar, Explore Pantai Serdang
- Makan Siang di Restoran Pantai Serdang
- Menuju kota Gantung, mampir di kampong Ahok, Foto foto.
- Explore museum kata Andrea Hirata dan
- Menuju Replika SD Laskar Pelangi
- Menuju Hotel, Chek In Hotel. Clean Up.
- Candle Light Dinner di Hotel (Sesuai Pilihan)
- Istirahat di Hotel

Hari Kedua (Island Hopping+ Tanjung Tinggi) [Sarapan Hotel, Lunch, Dinner]
- Sarapan di Hotel
- Menuju Dermaga Tanjung Kelayang
- Persiapan Island Hopping (Life Vest)
- Mulai Island Hopping.
- Kegiatan Island Hopping di mulai
> Explore Pulau Pasir
> Explore Pulau BatuBelayar
> Explore Pulau Lengkuas dan Mercusuarnya
- Snorkling bersama di perairan Pulau Lengkuas
- Makansiang di Resto Pulau Kepayang
- Explore Pulau Kelayang
- Kembali ke Dermaga Tanjung Kelayang, Clean up.
- Menuju Pantai Tanjung Tinggi, ekplore keindahan pantai & granite nya.
- Kembali ke Hotel, kotaTanjungpandan
- Makan malam di resto Kota Tanjungpandan
- Belanja oleh oleh.
- Kembali ke Hotel

Hari KeTiga (City Tour - Transfer out) [Sarapan Hotel, Mie Belitung]
- Sarapan Pagi di Hotel, Chek Out hotel
- Menuju Museum Timah dan Mini Zoo kota Tanjungpandan,
- City Tour dan Foto Momen di Bundaran Satam, kota Tanjungpandan.
- Belanja oleh oleh jika masih ada yang kurang
- Mencoba mie rebus Belitung
- Explore Rumah Adat Belitung
- Explore Danau Kaolin
- Menuju Bandara
- Transfer out
- Candid Dokumentasi (1 Fotographer)
- Collage Photo A3 by bulanmadu.com

Harga tidak termasuk
- Tiket pesawat PP
- Airport tax
- Makan, Minum, Snack,dll, diluar itinerary
- Kopi Kuli & Snack Museum Kata
- Tur diluar Itinerary
- Tipping Guide

Terms & Conditions
- Harga tidak berlaku untuk periode High & Peak Season
- Valid until 20 December 2017

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Belitung or Belitong, was better known as billiton is an island in off the east coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, flanked by the Gaspar Strait and Karimata Strait. The word Belitung is taken from the local language means sea slug. Belitung Island is divided into two districts, namely Billiton District, with Tanjung Pandan as the capital area; and East Belitung district, with Manggar as the capital.

The island populations are mainly Malay ethnic, and they speak Belitung dialect; others are the Chinese Hokkien and Hakka. Most of the inhabitants, especially for those who living in coastal areas, must be very familiar with the rich marine products like fish. Marine wealth becomes a source of livelihoods in Belitung Island. The other natural resources that having the same important to Biliton people is tin. Tin mining has been started since the time of the Dutch East Indies.

After arrive in Tanjung Pandan, we can immediately travel to exotic beaches in Belitung, such as Tanjung Kalayang or Tanjung Tinggi beach, which is approximately 1 hour drive. Besides, there are also others beach and island that close to each other like Tanjung Pendam, Burung Island and Lengkuas island.

In Belitung, the mainly tourist destinations are beaches and islands/islets. The beaches are Tanjung Tinggi Beach and Tanjung Kelayang Beach which both have blue clear water, sand and rocky beaches. The islands/islets are Batu Berlayar Island which full of granite, Pasir Island which is made of sand (Sand = pasir in Indonesian language) and submerged during high tide, Bird Islet (Pulau Burong) which can be accessed from Tanjung Binga Beach by walking when low tide, Lengkuas Island which is a home of 129-year-old lighthouse and a good place for snorkeling, Babi Island and Kelayang.

To reach Belitung Island, we can access by plane or take boat. But for day trips, we recommend to board the plane. Because the boat ride will takes a long time, while the plane is only need one hour flight from Soekarno Hatta airport in Jakarta to Hanadjoedin airport in Tanjung Pandan city, Belitung.

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